Kelly Consulting is providing the sample FAQs that come with a pristine Joomla! installation for your edification in both understanding Joomla! and in gaining a perspective on the notions of Sections, Categories, and Articles in the Joomla! Context. Thse questions are about Joomla! therefore, and not about Kelly Consulting or our services. Use the rest of the site to learn about us, and feel free to use the Contact Us information to contact us as you wish.  We can help your shop and your organization be better at what you do.

From the list below choose one of our FAQs topics, then select an FAQ to read. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us.

Joomla is currently about to move from Joomla1.7.x to the next plateau as it becomes an even more capable CMS. Kelly Consulting is available to help your team become conversant in Joomla features and functions and to be able to help your very smart IT guys bea able to work with a free product that is internally sophisticated, yet so easy to manage for delivering information.


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