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As you know quite often email addresses that are open such as ours are the victims of SPAMMERS who crowd the mailbox, making it difficult to find legitimate questions.  As long as we are able to work with this valuable source of contact, we will keep this line of communications open.

Kelly Consulting would be pleased to engage in an IT project with your company to make your IT shop more responsive, more productive, and/or more effective.

Brian W. Kelly

Books By Brian Kelly

For many years Brian Kelly has written technical books about IBM's large computer systems such as IBM i.  Most of his 49 books are highly technical in nature and are not appropriate reading for those who are not technically inclined.

In 2008, during the Bush Administration, concerned about the unresponsiveness of both houses of Congress and other elected officials, Kelly penned the goundbreaking book, Taxation Without Representation: Can the U.S. Avoid Another Boston Tea Party?. This book has been available at a number of outlets including Kelly has written ten other patriotic books and he has continued to write technical books for IBM i. The current books are available at An almost complete set of Kelly's 49 books are available on the Lets Go Publish Publisher's Site.

In early fall of 2009, because a number of chapters of the 2008 book had been dedicated to the issues of the 2008 campaign, Kelly chose to revise and restructure this book, and this work resulted in the December, 2009 release of three new books.  The first is the revised version of the 2008 book known as Taxation Wihtout Representation: Can the U.S. Avoid ANother Boston Tea Party? 2010 - 2011 Edition.  The second is Obama's Seven Deadly Sins: Will Americans Choose to Forgive or Have Some Tea?   The third is Healthcare Accountability: Health Information Technology (HIT) and Electronic Accountability Records (EAR) Can Make It Happen.

Feel free to purchase any of the books of which you are interested as it is certainly one of the sources of Mr. Kelly's livelihood.

The best.

Kelly Consulting Staff

Hello AS/400, iSeries, System i, and IBM i users:

As you know, IBM provides a wealth of documentation for IBMi

Here is a link to IBM i Magazine

Here is a link to IBM Redbooks (How to books for specific technology uses)

Here is a link to obtain IBM i downloadable manuals

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