Before Kelly Consulting began to take on systems, system design, and programming projects, my team of contractors and I restricted our practice to formal education courses. At first this business was successful and we designed a soup to nuts curriculum of AS/400 classes (CL, RPG, Database, Query, etc.)  that we taught at various locations, often in hotel classrooms across Pennsylvania.

We even went to Las Vegas and did some classes for Circus Circus IT Managers and other personnel.

Though this was successful at first, the more times we ran classes, the less students needed the education in our marketing area. Eventually it cost us more to run a public class than we took in as income for the effort.

From there, the business evolved to onsite courses. We put together a catalog of the courses we had developed or could develop for an onsite offering and we put the catalog in print form. Later we put the catalog on the Web. As we began to offer onsite classes, our clients asked if we could do systems programming, design, programming, and other services.

We are still prepared to perform onsite education for companies that need to train groups / teams of technicians on certain topics such as RPG, CL, DDS, SQL, etc. We also customize courses for specific needs. We built a three week curriculum for the Raymond Corporation and taught their programmers what they needed to know to move from a mainframe to the IBM i system.

Rather than rebuild our catalog, we kept out old website in tact. Feel free to peruse the types of offerings that we can make available for your firm's educational needs. Of course, we can custom build education on topics other than those that were prevalent in 2000, such as PHP for IBM i, Web topics, SQL, and others. We have left this material as is so that you can get a feel for the types of courses that we can build in short order.  The rates in the link below are close to today's and the course content has been brought up to date.

Feel free to contact us about education and/or consulting engagements at either of the following two email addresses:

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The link to see the courses is here.