Most IBM i professionals know nothing about Joomla! Brian Kelly had a number of accounts who insisted on trying out php instead of java for intelligent coding for the Web. These IBM i accounts are the exception. Yet, PHP, and Joomla as a free content management system instead of the difficult to use Lotus Notes is an excellent choice.

You won't be able to learn Joomla! by studying the information in this menu alone, but you can get a sense about Joomla! that would otherwise be hard to come by.  Joomla! can be an effective tool for your shop whether you choose to run it on IBM i or whether you choose to let it run on a $5.00 per month account at Godaddy or Dreamhost or on a Windows or Linuz server or something like that. You can actually load it on your client PC and give it a whirl. Brian Kelly's Joomla! series of books show you how.

The time to start learning about this fabulous companion tool for IBM i is right now. So, what are you waiting for?

This page is an example of content that is Uncategorized; that is, it does not belong to any Section or Category. You will see there is a new Menu in the left column. It shows links to the same content presented in 4 different page layouts.

  • Section Blog
  • Section Table
  • Blog Category
  • Category Table

When you install Joomla!, follow the links in the Example Pages Menu to see some of the options available to you to present all the different types of content included within the default installation of Joomla!.

This includes Components and individual Articles. These links or Menu Item Types (to give them their proper name) are all controlled from within the Menu Manager->[menuname]->Menu Items Manager.

It is amazing how logical Joomla is and in its newer versions it is even a more powerful tool. You'll like it because you can get a Web site up that is compreehnsive and flexible in no time.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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